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Dividing property is one thing – but you can’t split your children. Child custody and visitation can be the most contentious aspect of a divorce. At Arthur & Kirkman, our reputable and experienced Greensboro child custody attorneys are here to guide you through the process and protect the best interests of your children. We have helped hundreds of clients resolve custody disputes out of court and hundreds of others stand their ground in contested child custody proceedings in court.

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Understanding North Carolina Child Custody and Visitation Law

North Carolina judges have significant discretion when it comes to determining child custody and visitation arrangements. The judge is required by law to determine the custody and visitation arrangement which serves the best interest of the child. In determining a custody and visitation arrangement, the court must be gender-neutral, meaning that is no presumption in favor of the father or mother. Each case is unique and will be decided on its own merits.

In North Carolina, there are two components to a child custody arrangement or order – legal custody and physical custody. The legal custody component refers to how major decisions concerning the child’s life will be made, such as decisions concerning the child’s education, religion, and health. The physical custody component, often called parenting time in other jurisdictions, refers to the amount of time the child spends with each parent. When the child resides with one parent for the vast majority of the time, it is said that the parent has primary physical custody and the other parent is said to have secondary custody, otherwise known as visitation. The parent with secondary physical custody often will have a child support obligation.

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The award-winning child custody lawyers at Arthur & Kirkman are widely known for their skilled and successful resolution of the most complex and disputed child custody cases in Greensboro and High Point. Child custody is too important to trust to a novice lawyer. With more than five decades of combined proven experience, trust your child custody case to Arthur & Kirkman who will advocate for your child's best interests.

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We represent mothers, father, grandparents, and non-parents in Greensboro and High Point in child custody and child visitation proceedings. Our child custody attorneys at Arthur & Kirkman, have extensive experience in child custody and visitation matters. Call one of our experienced Greensboro custody lawyers at Arthur & Kirkman today, (336) 274-7898 or online.

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