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The law as written in North Carolina does not favor the rights of women over men when it comes to family issues. However, many men and fathers often feel that the court process is biased in favor of women and mothers when it comes to issues such as child custody, child support, alimony, and other issues related to divorce. Don’t stand alone. It is important to have an experienced family lawyer by your side who knows how to protect the rights of men and fathers.

If you are a man or father looking to protect your rights and secure all of the protections the written law provides to you, the family law attorneys at Kirkman Attorneys at Law in Greensboro can help you obtain the results you seek and demand the protections you are entitled to receive by the courts. Rather than facing a family matter on your own, get the protection and guidance you need through the difficult court process

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Strong, Effective Advocacy for Fathers

The family law attorneys at Kirkman Attorneys at Law fight vigorously for fathers’ rights by focusing on making sure the law is applied as written and to remove any barriers or bias which may stand in the way. If you are a man facing divorce or custody battles, you need the strong, and effective advocacy of the experienced lawyers at Kirkman Attorneys at Law.

Representing Men in All Areas of Family Law

The award-winning men’s rights and father’s rights lawyers at Kirkman Attorneys at Law can help men and fathers protect your rights, and secure you the results you deserve and that the law demands. Our lawyers can help you with:

  • Child Custody, including
    • Situations where the mother denies visitation rights or interferes with custody arrangements
    • Parenting time
    • Modifying child custody
    • Situations where the mother takes your child and relocates without approval
    • Accusations of child abuse or molestation
    • Cases where the mother’s behavior endangers your child physically or emotionally
  • Child Support
    • Demands for increased child support payments
    • Modifying child support
  • Paternity Issues, whether you are denying paternity or claiming paternity
  • Divorce
  • Spousal Support, including alimony
  • Divorce Property Division
  • Adoptions
  • Prenuptial agreements

These are just some of the many family law issues that our skilled lawyers can provide you with the guidance, advocacy, and representation you need.

Proven Track Record

The attorneys at Arthur & Kirkman have collectively secured custody for thousands of men. We routinely represent men and fathers in court, in litigation, in mediation, and in settlement negotiations. Each man and father deserves all of the legal protections and rights the written law provides. Men and fathers deserve quality legal representation that ensures men and fathers are treated fairly in the court system. Before you hire a lawyer, make sure they have a track record of protecting the rights of men and fathers. Choose a lawyer that is known around the legal community for protecting the rights of men and fathers.

Helping Fathers Get Custody

Securing your rights as a father to your children is not always a given. Often it takes the help of a knowledgeable child custody attorney to make sure that a father is treated fairly by the courts. There was once a time when the law favored mothers in custody disputes, but that preference has been removed from the law. Presently, fathers in North Carolina have the same custodial rights and obligations to their children as mothers. However, even now, dads often face daunting challenges in court proceedings involving children.

If you are seeking custody, you may face a tough fight in court. Our Greensboro based child custody attorneys will work diligently to ensure that the court does not consider outdated gender norms when making a decision regarding custody, visitation, and support. We will work to help ensure that you receive parenting time with your child and participate in making decisions for your child. Our Greensboro law firm has a demonstrated record of success on behalf of fathers in custody and child support disputes, including in divorce proceedings, parental relocation proceedings, as well as modification of court’s orders. Don’t trust your case and children’s future to just any family lawyer – turn to the lawyers who will work hard to ensure your children have the benefit of their father’s involvement in their lives.

Your situation may seem bleak, especially when you are being badmouthed by the mother or unfairly accused of posing a threat to your own child. But there is hope when you have a true fathers’ rights advocate on your side. We will give you the tools to fight for your father’s rights and to remain a positive and influential presence in the lives of your children.

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