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When families face divorce and one or both spouses is a professional such as a business owner, business executive, doctor, dentist, lawyer, or accountant there are a number of unique issues and challenges that need to be addressed. Many business owners and professionals spend their entire careers building their business or practice. There is a lot at stake regarding divorce for professionals and business owners. The elite divorce lawyers at Kirkman Attorneys at Law regularly help professionals or their spouses through the divorce process. You can rely on our Greensboro based divorce attorneys to provide comprehensive legal representation through your separation and divorce.

Regardless of whether you are the professional or are married to a professional, every legal option will be pursued towards the best possible result. Whether you are the main income-earner or are divorcing the main income-earner, rest assured that your rights and best interests will be protected and pursued throughout the divorce process. Our goal is to help you move forward during and after divorce.

For doctors, dentists, accountants, lawyers, and other professionals licensed by the state there are unique circumstances and issues in a divorce that are often uncommon to families due to the nature of their professional work. At Kirkman Attorneys at Law, our nationally-recognized team of divorce lawyers are skilled at helping licensed professionals and their spouses through the divorce process. We regularly represent licensed professionals or their spouses. Due to the nature of the circumstances presented by families who face divorce when one or both spouses is a licensed professional, many attorneys are simply ill-prepared and ill-equipped to work through the issues presented in such divorces. Because we have more than 40 years of combined experience helping clients like you, we are ready to bring our comprehensive knowledge and client-centric commitment to help you arrive at an ideal resolution.

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Executive Divorce

The difference between an average outcome and an excellent result comes from expert legal guidance directing the process. The executive divorce attorneys at Arthur & Kirkman have a vast array of experience in negotiated settlements, mediations, and trials. We will guide you through the divorce process, preparing you for decision-making on important issues such as spousal support, child support, property/asset distribution, tax implications, best practices, as well as possible consequences. We understand your goals, including protecting what you have built, protecting your lifestyle, and preserving your ongoing connection with your children.

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Arthur & Kirkman has earned the respect of our colleagues and judges alike. Our influence is felt throughout North Carolina. Our attorneys have served in leadership roles on both the Greensboro Bar Association and the North Carolina Bar Association. Twice the firm has been chosen as North Carolina’s Family Law Firm of the Year. The firm is also regularly featured among America’s Best Law Firm’s in U.S. News. & World Report. Additionally, our lawyers have been featured in Business North Carolina’s Legal Elite, North Carolina Super Lawyers Magazine, as well as The National Trial Lawyer publication.

Greensboro Divorce Lawyer for Professionals

There are no business/professional divorce issues too complex for our firm. If you are involved in any of these issues, we are ready to bring our expertise to work. To discuss who we can benefit you, contact today online or by calling (336) 274-7898.

At Arthur & Kirkman Attorneys at Law, we provided skilled legal representation to clients in Greensboro, High Point, Oak Ridge, Summerfield, Pleasant Garden, Jamestown, Gibsonville, Guilford County and the surrounding areas. Contact our office today at 336-274-7898 to arrange a consultation with an experienced and top rated Greensboro divorce & family law attorney to protect you and your interests.

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