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At Arthur & Kirkman, Attorneys at Law our Greensboro based Expungement Attorneys and Expunction Lawyers help people erase criminal and arrest records through expungement (also known as expunction). Being arrested can have a serious impact on your life, even if the criminal charges are ultimately dismissed. An arrest record may limit your ability to find a job or obtain housing. An arrest record may even limit your ability to gain admission to school or college. If you were charged or arrested for a crime, but the charges were dismissed you may be eligible for an expungement of the charges. In some limited circumstances, even if you have been convicted you might be eligible for an expungement of the conviction.

An expungement or expunction can reduce the long-term consequences of an arrest record or criminal record. Expunging a criminal charge or conviction will make it much more difficult for a potential employer, educator, or landlord from learning about your record.

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