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Although many young adults and teenagers make mistakes in their youth, unfortunately, alcohol and drinking citations and tickets can transform a simple mistake into a lifelong criminal record. In North Carolina, the possession or consumption of alcohol by a person under the age of 21 is illegal. The award-winning attorneys at Arthur & Kirkman in Greensboro can help you fight against citations for drinking, underage alcohol possession, and other alcohol connected criminal violations. We have successfully helped hundreds of students overcome drinking tickets and other alcohol-related offenses, such as public intoxication, afray, driving after consuming alcohol under 21, use of false/fake identification, and DWI.

If you have been charged with an alcohol-related violation or received a drinking ticket, don’t put your future in jeopardy. Contact a Greensboro alcohol & drinking defense attorney to discuss your options today.

Effective and Aggressive Representation to Keep Your Record Clean.

If you have been charged with an alcohol-related offense, you can give yourself the best chance of obtaining a favorable outcome by having skilled legal representation. The lawyers at Kirkman Attorneys at Law provide effective and aggressive legal defense for clients facing underage drinking tickets and other alcohol related offenses.

Backed by more than 40 years of combined experience, our attorneys have handled thousands of criminal cases. We help students and young adults with a variety of alcohol-related tickets and offenses, including:

  • Underage Possession Of Alcohol
  • Underage Consumption Of Alcohol
  • Attempting To Obtain / Obtaining Alcohol By False Identification
  • Public Intoxication: Intoxicated & Disruptive
  • Public Urination
  • Open Container
  • Aiding / Abetting The Purchase Of Alcohol By A Minor
  • Driving After Consuming Alcohol Under Age 21
  • DWI

We have successfully represent clients who are students at:

  • Guilford County Schools
  • Greensboro Day School
  • North Carolina A&T State University (NCA&T)
  • University of North Carolina at Greensboro (UNCG)
  • Bennett College
  • University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill (UNC)
  • Appalachian State University
  • North Carolina State University (NC State)
  • Elon University
  • High Point University (HPU)
  • Guilford Technical Community College (GTCC)
  • Out-Of-State Universities

For many students and parents facing alcohol related charges, there are many questions going through your minds, including “Can it be dismissed or dropped?”, “Will this keep me from being accepted to college?”, “Will this be on my criminal record?”. At Arthur & Kirkman, our attorneys will help you navigate the legal process. We will work diligently to challenge any defects in the State’s case as well find opportunities for the young adult or teenager to earn a dismissal so that an underage drinking charge or other alcohol related charge doesn’t haunt them for the rest of their life. Our goal is to help students, teenagers, and young adults challenge the charges or to minimize any negative consequences so that students can avoid any impact on their education and future. If you are charged with underage drinking in Greensboro or any alcohol related offense, it is imperative that you retain a Greensboro lawyer.

Alcohol Offense Consequences

Most underage drinking citations and tickets, including citations for possession of alcohol, consumption of alcohol, and use of a fake or altered ID are misdemeanor criminal offenses. A conviction of a misdemeanor (including a guilty plea) will result in a long-lasting criminal record. With the exception of an underage DWI, most underage drinking-related charges are Class One Misdemeanor or Class Two Misdemeanors. Class One Misdemeanors carry a maximum of 120 days of jail time while Class Two Misdemeanors carry a maximum 60 days of jail time. Additionally, a misdemeanor conviction for many underage alcohol violations can result in the suspension of your North Carolina driver’s license to be suspended (or suspension of your right to drive in North Carolina if you are licensed in another State). In most cases, a skilled attorney can mitigate the consequences of an underage drinking ticket and other alcohol related charges so that a criminal conviction does not occur. That is why it is important to have an experienced Greensboro underage drinking and alcohol possession lawyer, knowledgeable of all the applicable alcohol laws, to guide you through the process, protect your rights, and safeguard you from any consequences. If you are charged with any alcohol related offense, contact our office today to obtain skilled legal representation and to protect your future.

Alcohol Offense Lawyer serving Greensboro, High Point and all of Guilford County

A skilled Greensboro alcohol offense lawyer at Kirkman Attorneys at Law will fight for you if you face any one of the charges related to liquor, beer, and wine. We will develop a strategy to seek the best possible result for your case, whether it involves negotiating a diversion program or challenging the evidence in court. Alcohol offenses may be common, but you should still take them very seriously.

Personalized Client Service

At Arthur & Kirkman, we are committed to providing a high level of personalized client service. Our attorneys and staff devote individualized attention to every case. We encourage clients to turn to us with any questions or concerns that may arise.

Finding the Best Alcohol Offense Lawyer in Guilford County

Keep your criminal record clean at all costs. Misdemeanor alcohol-related offenses can tarnish your record for a lifetime. Do not listen to that officer who tells you to simply pay off your “drinking ticket.” Do not let a moment of immaturity impact your future, school, work, or family. A conviction will go on your record and could have grave implications far into the future. Contact a skilled Greensboro alcohol offense lawyer at Kirkman Attorneys at Law today by calling (336) 274-7898 or online. We will pursue the best possible results for you to protect your record and future.

At Arthur & Kirkman Attorneys at Law, we provided skilled legal representation to clients in Greensboro, High Point, Oak Ridge, Summerfield, Pleasant Garden, Jamestown, Gibsonville, Guilford County and the surrounding areas. Contact our office today at 336-274-7898 to arrange a consultation with an experienced and top rated Greensboro estate attorney to protect you and your interests.

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